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Title: Fixing
Author: Jesse Keating
Pairing: Jake/Heath
Rating and why: PG-13 for light m/m action
Summary: fixing mistakes, sequel to Characterization
Disclaimer: not real. really. pretty fake, actually
Many thanks to jaredsexual for the beta

Heath watched Jake for a long moment before approaching. The younger man was standing with his back to the bustle of activity that was the set, staring out into the landscape. Heath slipped his arms around Jake’s waist, gently drawing the other against his chest.
Jake didn’t fight him; instead he sagged against Heath’s sturdy frame as if he couldn’t hold himself up any longer.
“I never meant to hurt you,” Heath murmured into Jake’s hairline. “Ennis has become so much a part of me. Yesterday Michelle told me to quit it, that I was having an Ennis moment.”
“I know,” Jake whispered. “Jack’s a part of me too.”
“I know,” Heath said softly. “I can see it in your eyes. Last night, I wasn’t having an Ennis moment, Jake. You were having a Jack moment. I met your eyes and saw the same expression Jack gets when he’s looking at Ennis. Like he’s so much in love that he can’t hold it and it comes spilling out of his eyes.”
“I am,” Jake said hoarsely. He turned in the loose circle of Heath’s arms and pressed their cheeks together.
“I’m sorry.”
“Me too,” Jake answered. He kissed Heath, then. It was a softer kiss than they usually indulged in, certainly far softer than Ennis and Jack’s kisses, which were battles as much as kisses.
Heath held Jake up when it felt like neither of them could stand, feet braced, hands clasped at the small of Jake’s back.
Jake’s face found the crook of Heath’s neck and buried there.
They stood thus for a long time, then Heath whispered into Jake’s hair, “Little darlin’.” He felt Jake’s mouth curl into a smile.
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