Gay (fairest_gay) wrote in jake_heath,

Vote for a Heath Ledger Board at FanForum!

Hey guys!
Since this is a a Brokeback Community, we thought you guys can help us over at FanForum is a message board wherein you can talk about anything under the sun.

At FF, every month we vote for a Celebrity, Music Artist or TV Shows.Once one of the contenders reached 100 votes and the highest at their respective category, a board will be added. Last month, Heath came in at second highest in the Celebrities category and you could ony imagine our hearts being broken that for the nth time, we didn't get the board that Heath deserves. 

So, we ask you Heath fans, to please help us. :D Though, you have to be a registered user who has to have at least 50 posts to vote. It isn't hard, right, considering that if we get that board, we can talk about Heath 24/7. If you are a member of FF, please vote for him.

Here are links so it'll be easy for you guys to navigate.

Register at FanForum.

If you have at least 50 posts --->> Vote for Heath here

Visit us at the Heath Ledger Thread at the Male Celebrities or at the Heath Campaign Thread.

Thank yuo so much. And good luck to us.

Gay xx

PS. any question, just ask me. :D
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