jessewrites (jessewrites) wrote in jake_heath,

First fic

Title: Characterization
Author: Jesse Keating
Pairing: Jake/Heath
Rating and why: PG-13 for implied sexual relations between men
Summary: Heath makes a mistake
Disclaimer: not real. really.
Thanks to jaredsexual for the beta, all mistakes are mine.

Jake sighed softly, got up, and began dressing. “I can’t do this anymore.”
“Jake, please. Baby, tell me what’s wrong,” Heath pleaded. He scrambled to his feet and pulled on his jeans.
Jake finally turned to look at Heath, fully dressed. “I won’t just be a characterization exercise, Heath. I need to be more than that. I need this to mean more than that.” Jake’s clear eyes were resigned.
“It does!” Heath protested helplessly. He stepped towards Jake, reaching out for him.
Jake stepped away, pulling back from the man he loved. “Heath, you called me Jack.”
Unable to respond, Heath had to watch Jake walk away.

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